Germania Broadcast Historical Facts (1952)

The Germania Broadcast was the first German radio program in the United States which was sent by shortwave from America to Europe.

The Germania Broadcast in its first fifteen years had the largest audience of any local program in the City of Chicago, according to Chicago newspapers.

The Germania Broadcast helped thousands of people find work and help during the depression years through its "Who Will Help?" programs.

The Germania Broadcast was the first foreign program to sponsor and promote German art and culture. It has been recommended for many years to students in high schools, colleges and universities as a perfect example of German language interests, music and pronunciation.

The Germania Broadcast was the first program in America to transmit a church program in the German language every Sunday.

The Germania Broadcast staged the greatest and most successful German operetta performances in the Chicago Civic Opera House and Auditorium Theatre.

The Germania Broadcast annual Folk Festivals in Riverview Park broke all attendance records. The anniversary festivals brought 25,000 people to Riverview Park.

The Germania Broadcast was the first program to organize special conducted tours for its audience to Europe. It was the first program to conduct a special broadcast for its audience which was taken in an airplane high above the ocean.

The Germania Broadcast was, and is, always willing to help all German societies and charitable organizations conduct and arrange their festivals. Through many such campaigns, these societies were able to raise thousands of dollars for relief and charity. Net proceeds from the Silver Jubilee of 1952 will benefit the Chicago Heart Association.

The Germania Broadcast was the first foreign program to establish overseas programs which are sent from European radio stations directed to the Germania Broadcast audience in Chicago.

But above all, the Germania Broadcast has always been the greatest friend of the young immigrant. Although its policy has been to never interfere with domestic and foreign political issues, the Germania Broadcast has made it a cardinal principle to offer the young immigrants the opportunity to hear Americanization programs in their own native language. These programs describe what America means and what it stands for. These educational programs have been highly commended and adopted by the United States Government for other cities in this country.